Thursday, July 10, 2008

100 things (13-15)

Okay, I'm really slow at this but I'll get to 100 eventually!

13. I have found a new addiction, Sprinkles Cupcakes. I might like these scrumpscious creations better than (gasp!) cheesecake. They are delectably delicious! It's a good thing Sprinkles is in Beverly Hills because I won't be going there too much, otherwise it could be dangerous to my wallet and waistline!

14. I have seen quite a few famous people over the years. Some have been more exciting than others, but I've never approached them because I don't think its the right thing to do. Ryan was with me most of the time, if not all. Here is a list of who and where I've seen them:

-Whoopi Goldberg in San Francisco with Ryan a long time ago, we were in high school or it was right after high school

-Alyssa Milano in Urban Outfitters in Santa Barbara, probably about 7 years ago

-Kanye West at the Las Vegas airport about 3 years ago. Ryan and I were literally 4 feet away from him.

-This chick isn't really famous but she was on a traveling show called "5 Takes" and it was "5 Takes Latin America" which aired last summer on the travel channel. Her name is Ericka and she was one of the travelers. I saw her on a flight from Vegas to LA one of the times I visited Ryan.

-If you're not Mormon you won't know who this guy is, but I saw a guy in Rexburg named Kerby Hayburn who stars in tons of made for DVD movies. They're not movies about religion, but are usually family friendly and cheesy movies. I've seen a few and I'm really not a fan. He had a huge swarm of girls around him, it was ridiculous. Ryan wasn't with me.

-Ryan saw a comedian, Paul Scheer, who's often on VH1 shows like Best Week Ever. He saw him at Circuit City in LA.

-Another time I was visiting Ryan we were in Best Buy, I think in Van Nuys, and we saw Neil Patrick Harris. I was more excited about that because How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows, and we walked right past him down one of the isles. He was buying Guitar Hero.

-The last "sighting" occured just this last weekend when we went to the beach in Santa Monica. We saw Dustin Diamond, you know him as Screech from Saved by the Bell. He was sitting about 30 feet behind everyone else who were gathered closer to the water. It was totally him. Ryan was going to approach him but decided not too.

I think that's it. I'm sure it will occur more now that I'm living in Southern California.

15. I recently just quit drinking all forms of soda and eating anything that has any kind of fake sugar in it. I'm slowly transforming into a much healthy, more organic and natural eater, and I figured that was a good start.


Florence Family Blog said...

Did you know Kirby Heybourn was just in a Miller Light Beer commercial? Weird huh! Oh and I am SUPER jealous that you saw Dustin Diamond! He is my favorite! lol! Go Saved by the Bell!!!