Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recent Happenings

Here are a few things that have been going on with us lately:

Two weekends ago we went to Fremont for a quick trip. Ryan participated in a golf tournament and I got to see my best friend and some family for a day and a half. It was a very fast trip. My cousin Desiree drove back with us and has been here for a little over a week. It's been so fun to have someone here to hang out with! We've mostly been hanging out by the pool and it's been lovely!

Last week we finally got new carpet. For those of you who are unaware, the carpet in our condo was only a year old but reeked of dog pee. We tried everything and could not get it out, it was soiled beyond help. So, after all the unpacking and hard work, we had to move everything out of the living room area and into the spare bedroom. Then Desi and I stayed up late and scrubbed the concrete floor with bleach water because once Ryan tore out the carpet the smell still lingered. Well, now the new carpet is in and it doesn't stink anymore! It was so bad that I would walk in and out the door and it made me want to hurl because it was so concentrated in certain areas, but not anymore.

I'm so lame, I forgot the camera but Desi and I went into LA to see Ryan and got lunch at Pinks. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's this tiny shack that serves up hot dogs that are famous. They've been around since 1939 and their prices are very cheap. They have hot dogs that you can get with all kinds of toppings like bacon, nacho cheese sauce, onion rings, barbeque sauce, chili, etc. We opted for the chili cheese dogs because that's what put them on the map and they were good but not amazing and to die for. The hot dog itself was very good but it's not something I'll be craving.

Pink's Hot Dogs

After having lunch with Ryan we went to the LA Fashin District and it is humongous! There are something like 4500 shops and some of them are geared towards wholesalers and designers because they have custom fabric and things like that. Others are shops with designer clothes for the public at discounts. You can also get knockoff designer items like in Mexico and there is a huge flower market as well. We got stuck in the same area and kept going in circles and not even realizing it, so we were in the area where you can get knockoff items and it was exactly like being in Mexico except they weren't willing to bargain as much! We picked up some snazzy purses, I'll have to take pics because I got a Coach for only $30! I call it my Foach and it's good enough for me! After that we were going to go to Hollywood Blvd but we were too tired and traffic was picking up so we just went back home.

Santee Alley, LA Fashion District

We did some fun stuff this weekend so once I get the Mac up and running again (had to disconnect and move it to allow for the carpet installation) I'll post some pics. We even have some underwater pics from the pool so you're not going to want to miss it!