Wednesday, September 17, 2008


McGrath State Beach-I got it off the internet so I have no idea who those people are and why the pic says "Shelly" on it-oh well

Okay, I have been ignoring my blog really badly lately.  It's just that when I get home, cook dinner, clean up, spend a little bit of time with Ryan and then it's time for bed, there's really no time to blog.  So, here you go and I promise some pics soon.  They're already on the computer, I just have to upload them but I need some dinner first. :)

Last weekend we went beach camping at McGrath state beach in Oxnard.  It's north of Malibu and is pretty much south Ventura.  It was cold!  I could never go back to Idaho now, I was actually cold, cold, cold in 70 degree weather.  It's still in the 90's here so I'm getting quite used to it.  I still feel hot, but anything less than 75 or 80 feels cold to me now.  Anyway, it was fun to get away and camp.  We didn't do any swimming or sunbathing because it was totally overcast and windy but it was still so fun to get out and do something.  I also saw my cousin Rachel, who happened to be in Santa Barbara that weekend on a break from her studying abroad that she's doing in Costa Rica!  Good to see you Rach even though it was short!

Other than that we're just working and that's keeping us plenty busy.  Ryan's in Irvine right now for training for a few days.  We still don't know anything about Guam (but I hope we find out soon!!!!) and nothing else is new.  So, this summer was it for fun blog entries for us.  Oh, I am going to New Kids on the Block so that will bring some excitement in about a month!


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