Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ryan's spill

About 2 weeks ago Ryan had an accident with his motorcycle.  He is totally okay and did not get in it with anyone else, just himself and the nasty, oily, filthy road in Los Angeles.  He was getting off the freeway and making a right hand turn.  The gutter was overflowing with garbage and he said the road was slick with oil and he slid out and fell over.  He scraped his knees pretty bad, tore his jacket on the sleeve, and scraped his bike in various places on the right side.  Other than that he was totally fine, just extremely pissed off at how disgusting L.A. is that the gutters are overflowing with garbage and oil so much that it pollutes the streets.  I'm very grateful that no one else was involved and that he didn't get hurt.  So if you happen to hear anything, that's what happened. 


Florence Family Blog said...

Gees! I'm glad he's okay!

Mrs. Black said...

Hey! I've been thinking about you... I hope everything is okay :) Call me when you feel like it.