Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Toy

I love Black Friday and have frequented many stores over the years in search of fun, cheap stuff. This year we just didn't want to get up!!! Plus it was our first time in California for Thanksgiving in 6 years and we weren't sure how manageable it was going to be. Black Friday is pretty low key in Idaho, still lots of people and lines, but not madness.

Well we just bought one thing and I'm so excited, an all in one super nice printer/scanner/copier! I've been wanting to get started with a new hobby lately, and now I have one. There are boxes of pictures that Ryan and I both have, and I'm looking forward to saving them all digitally and then I can start digital scrapbooking from old pics and new ones. I also acquired Photoshop Elements a few months ago and now I can use it to enhance old pics, remove red eye, rotate, crop and tons of other stuff that I'll learn how to do eventually.

So here is the first pic that we scanned, just to give it a test run. I could stay up all night doing this, and I totally would if I didn't have to work (bleh!). In this picture Ryan and I were going to Winter Ball in 1997, our junior year in high school. We had already been "going out" for a little over a year at this point. I can't get over how different we look, especially Ryan!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! Hilarious! You totally look the same actually, but Ryan looks like he's 12 years old! =o) You guys are adorable. How funny.

I've wanted to get a scanner forever! What kind did you get?

Ryan and Adrienne Johnson said...

We got a Canon MX700, it was a black friday special, normally $180 and we got it for $80 I think. It seems pretty nice but I still have to really put it to use to see how good it really is.

Alisa said...

Wow! Ryan looks so....."little"! lol! That pic is awesome! I think you still look the same though! Slightly different but mostly the must not be aging! :)