Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I tried to put these in order but they came out backwards from what I wanted when I uploaded them. So you can either scroll down and get pictures from now to previous times, or start at the bottom if you want to do it chronologically!

San Diego about 2 months ago


Zuma beach in Malibu last weekend

My kitties Misha and Zoey sure seem to like it though

The condo in shambles. It looks a little better now, but still not the way it should yet
Saying goodbye to our empty house

Yes, we got the biggest van U-Haul has to offer. Sad, huh?

My cat Misha resting in the sink. I tried to tell her she doesn't fit but she didn't listen

Dirtbike riding while we camped.

Our camp spot in Kelly Canyon, Idaho

Floating the Boise River last summer

The massive amounts of snow that Rexburg received this last winter.


Tara and Andrew said...

Was it not the hardest thing to leave Rexburg? It was so depressing to see our empty house and leave that neighborhood. Best of luck!:)

Ryan and Adrienne Johnson said...

Leaving our house was really sad, and my job, but life is pretty sweet in SoCal because of the gorgeous weather! There are lots of things I'm going to miss but it's also exciting to move on.