Friday, June 27, 2008

5th Anniversary

Our 5 year anniversary is only a month away!!! I'm really excited so I just had to share that :) Why is it that anniversaries that are in the multiple of 5 or 10 are the most important ones? Like , wow, its our 20 year anniversary! How come you don't celebrate year 33 or 17 as one of the "big ones". Just a random thought. I've been dropping ridiculous amounts of hints to Ryan to take me to The Melting Pot (fondue, yummy!) so hopefully he follows through!


Anonymous said...

5 years! Time does fly by huh? Wesley and I will celebrate our seventh anniversary in November. It seems SOO crazy to me. It sure doesn't feel like it's been 7 years. Congratulations you two! I love reading your blog. I love your 100 list too. Keep it comin. I did that a while ago. I would get on every few days and just keep adding to my list until I got 100 then I posted it. You're smarter to post a few at a time. No one wants to sit and read ALL of mine. =o)