Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warming Up to California

Okay, so I have to admit that I'm warming up to the idea of living in California again. It's crazy because when I left many years ago I didn't think I ever wanted to come back, and we came out of necessity for Ryan to have a job but it's turning out to be not so bad. Yes, it has its downfalls (which I won't mention because then I might realize I don't like it as much as I think I do!) but there are some perks to living here too. I was watching "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches" on the Travel Channel and she was talking with a guy in Laguna Beach who said to give California a year and you'll never leave after that. Well, on June 7th we'll have officially been here a year (for me at least, Ryan hit the year mark in January) and I'm staring to wonder if that's going to hold true for us . . .

Here are some things I'm enjoying about California:

Magic Mountain-What's there not to love about 16 roller coasters, quite a few of which are so exhilarating I feel like I'm going to die when I ride them! Tatsu is by far my favorite

XGames-Boys on bikes, need I say more!!!

The fantastic salon I have found called Garrett Markenson Coiffure, it seems uber-fancy but its really laid back and everyone there is wonderful, they even offer you snacks and Pellegrino!
I love my new hair style, and its not as expensive as you'd think it would be.

The swimming pool-Our pool does not look like this, but I have rediscovered suntanning (I wear sunscreen!) and swimming as very enjoyable activities

Year Round Outdoor Activities-Whether its running, mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking or camping, we can pretty much do it year round here. This is Malibu Creek State Park, a place where we've gone mountain biking before

Sprinkles Cupcakes-Red Velvet = pure bliss!

San Diego Temple-I've been to quite a few temples and they are all amazing and beautiful, but this one, to me at least, tops them all-It's absolutely breathtaking, inside and out

Bare Escentuals Boutiques-Forget having to buy online, I can go to the actual boutique and get professional makeup tips, try new products and have a blast!

Westfield Shopping Centers-They're the best!

Sushi, sushi, sushi-So many good places and we've only gotten started trying them all out!

The Beach-Love Zuma, what's there not to love about the beach!

I'm sure I can think of more, but that's my list for now. We'll see how I feel after spending more time here. It's always better to look on the bright side of things, so I'm trying to find all the good things about being here!


Mrs. Black said...

I think I need a vacation...

Anonymous said...

Those all sound like awesome things! I'm surprised you don't love it that muh down there - since you grew up in California, I would have thought this move would have felt like "going home". I hope it continues to grow on you and you guys enjoy your summer. Glad to hear you're wearing sunscreen. =o) Miss you guys!

Ryan and Adrienne Johnson said...

Socal is very different from the Bay Area. I can't explain it, but people who are from the Bay who have spent time here or even live here know what I mean. There's a totally different culture and mentality that the people have here. It's not so bad where we live, but it's definitely different.

Florence Family Blog said...

Well I would say those are quite a lot of things to love! I think you DO love living there! I would love it....if it were cheaper...I seriously would! Anyway, I can't remember if I told you or not but we got a new blog address...it's a blogspot one: ryanandalisa.blogspot.com
Our other one got busted, so it doesn't even exist anymore! Also how was Hawaii? Have you gone yet? We are going to Aruba in a week or so! I'm excited! We even get to stay in a fancy pants resort with their own private island! We will see....I think it should be fun! Lucky that Ryan got a client from there! :)

Jen N Shane said...

Okay I think you have convinced me let's move. Just kidding! it does sound great though!