Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love Trader Joe's!

Get this bread . . . (read more below!)

This is the actual one I shop at!

I just had to share that I love Trader Joe's. Their prices are awesome, and beat the regular grocery stores and Whole Foods hands down. Their selection is great for such a small store and you can always find the most amazing food! The one I go to had a very hectic produce section and it wasn't designed very well. Well, they remodeled it until 4 a.m. this morning and now it is 100 times better! It's my favorite place and I never want to shop anywhere else!

Oh, I have also found the most perfect, delicious bread. It's Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9, and it's very yummy! It's organic and made with only whole grains and no flour, no it's naturally low glycemic and low carb. In Idaho they had it at the store and it was like $6 for a loaf, well at TJ's it's only 2.99, such a deal! I recommend it to you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes, we felt it. No, this is not the first time we've felt an earthquake. Ryan and I grew up in the Bay Area and they happened frequently. We were kids when the big quake in 1989 happened that canceled the World Series and several sections of the Bay Bridge collapsed. But, I haven't felt one in a while so it was kind of weird. I think the whole time I lived in Idaho I felt 2, and they were pretty small. I hope this one doesn't mean theres more to come.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to Kindergarten!

I'm a kindergarten teacher! After much pondering I decided to take a job I was just offered last week to teach kindergarten at a small, private, nondenominational school. I get to teach the curriculum that I taught in first grade, and use all of my supplies that I spent tons of money on last year (Ryan's happy about that) and I have my whole class to myself and it's all up to me!

It's going to be a lot of work because school starts on August 18th (aaaaaahhhhhhhh!) but I know I can do it. Ryan is very supportive and so happy that I was able to find a job, as am I but I'm also overwhelmed with everything that has to be done to get the school year started. I'm very grateful to have found a job because the teaching market is very competitive right now as there are NO JOBS and I've been searching since March. There were over 50 applicants and they chose me, wooohooo!

It's close to home, the pay isn't fabulous but there isn't a lot of money to be made in teaching anyways. I'm grateful to be able to teach again, especially a grade I feel comfortable with, and I'm very thankful that I was able to find a job so quickly (I interviewed twice last week and they let me know Thursday) and so close to home! From now on every second is going to be spent getting ready for school. I formally start next Monday, but I already got started today. Hopefully I'll have my class set up this week so that next week I can plan the first couple of weeks of school in the next 2 weeks!

It's something every weekend!

But this one was the best because Ryan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!!!!! It's my favorite day of the whole year, celebrating the most memorable day of my life! My wonderful hubby had a fun day planned for us, starting with breakfast in bed. I am a huge fan of breakfast, and I woke up to french toast, eggs and fruit salad! I have the best husband who takes such good care of me<3. Here's what we did for the rest of the day:

First off, a scenic motorcycle ride through the canyons. It was a blast, as it always is joyriding on the bike, but it was blazing hot! Here we are with our chubby helmet faces.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at a "lake" (more like a pond) off one of the canyon roads. We thought we might be able to go swimming, but once we saw the water up close we changed our minds! It was nice to be in the shade of the huge willow trees.

Some areas of the ride were more scenic than others. This one canyon was lush and green, where others were brown and dry. We passed by Castaic Reservoir and both wanted to jump in!

We got back home and then Ryan announced plans for dinner, The Melting Pot! We got ready and headed to the old town part of Pasadena, which is kind of the downtown area with all the fun shops, restaurants and clubs. It was so much fun and really delicious. It's definitely a uniquw experience because you cook your food and it takes almost 3 hours! I'm so glad we went, and especially for our anniversary because it was so romantic :)

The chocolate fondue was scrumptious! All of the treats to dip in it were yummy, but the cheesecake was my favorite. I think I can say it was the best dessert I'd ever had, and especially the best chocolate too (besides a swiss chocolate bar!). We couldn't stop eating it, even after all the little yummies to dip in it were gone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Downtown and Irvine last weekend

Last weekend Ryan's aunt, uncle and cousin came to Irvine for his cousin Kayla's competitive softball tournaments . We met up with them on Friday after Ryan got off work at Pink's hot dogs because they really wanted to try it out. There wasn't even a line, crazy! After that we went to Rodeo Drive because his aunt has always wanted to see it. All the stores were closed but it was fun to see them all lit up with their ultra fancy merchandise on the inside. Almost all the stores say on the door front "By invitation only" or "By appointment only". Well I didn't want to shop at your ridiculously overprices stores anyways!

Here we are on Via Rodeo, an addition to Rodeo Drive. I love how it looks like Europe!

Kayla at bat. She played 2 games a day for 3 days in a row, and hopefully got noticed
by some college scouts!

After Kayla's games we went to the OC Fair

I was amused by this!
I once lived in Moscow for a few months so I love all that is Russian!

Okay, this is really gross. We all know the fair is the place for the most disgusting, fried, greasy, fattening food on the planet. This one food shack had some gross fried food like fried oreos, fried frog legs (yep), fried twinkies, fried sweet potatoes, and a myriad of other things like fried chicken, french fries, etc. So then I look closer and saw this sign. A friend chicken sandwich with a donut for a bun served with honey and raspberry sauce. I'm sorry, but no wonder so many Americans are unhealthy and overweight. This is absolutely disgusting!

That night they had a freestyle motocross show with about 7 sponsored/semi-pro riders doing tricks off the ramp. It was fun and Ryan was especially happy that we got the chance to go! These guys are so fearless, half of them did back flips like it was a natural thing because now the trick to go for is the double back flip, they're nuts!

The video on the top shows the mx riders and their insane tricks!

The one of the bottom shows what we encountered on the way home that night.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today has been an awesome day! Went to Sprinkles with Ryan (yummy, tried lemon this time), had an important dr's appointment that went really well, and I have a job interview to teach kindergarten on Monday!!!!!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed or put me in your prayers or do whatever you believe in to bring me good luck :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family pictures - Free family history

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Dynasty - Family tree chart

100 things (16-20)

16. I don't have a favorite book or movie. I just like lots of them!

17. My favorite band is U2, but I go in phases where they're all I listen to, and sometimes I don't listen to them at all for a while. I cried the first time I saw them in concert-they were happy tears!

18. I graduated Magna Cum Laude-top 5% of my graduating class, but I don't really think I'm amazingly smart. I'm just a good student and school has always come easily to me.

19. I would love to get my master's degree in literacy. It may not happen until much later in life but it's something I'll always keep in mind that I should do.

20. I think "faux" swearing that is the trend right now is stupid. There is no point in censoring yourself when the intent is to swear anyways (saying effing instead of the real world, you know what I'm talking about). If you want to censor yourself then don't say it at all. I guess people are around kids and in situations where it's not appropriate, but try going without it and you'll realize that it's not all necessary, and you'll sound a lot more intelligent!

Major Update!

Here it is, as promised!

Last weekend we went camping at Pinecrest in Northern California near Sonora and Twain Harte. Ryan has been camping there with his family since he was a baby and we used to go as teenagers every summer. The last time we went was 5 years ago about 2 weeks before we got married! A lot of Ryan's extended family was there and it was good to see everyone. I especially had fun with all of my nieces and nephews.

Sprinkles Cupcakes! They are my new favorite and are absolutely delicious! I highly recommend the red velvet, yummy. There is going to be one opening at Stanford Shopping Center in August and if you are around that area, or Beverly Hills, it is a place you must go!

Desi enjoying her cupcake :)

Yummy! We shared dark chocolate and red velvet. That's why we're
holding the same cupcake in the pics!

Sprinkles store front in Beverly Hills

The cupcakes I took home for me and Ryan-vanilla and red velvet. Aren't they cute?

Santa Monica beach, 4th of July weekend

We can't resist sushi! After a day on the beach sushi may not seem like the thing you'd want to eat, but it is for us! We had a group pic but it didn't come out right, oh well. We went with my cousin Desi, her friend Melissa, and our friends Dave and Natalie. It was Natalie's first time and I think she really liked it!

Our camera takes pictures underwater! We haven't really had the chance to use it because we got it last summer and of course there is no swimming in Idaho! It really only works at the pool, or if we go to Hawaii or Guam, because otherwise water is too dark or murky.

Trying to take a self portrait-it's really hard underwater!

Desi and I trying to take a self portrait. Don't you love our sexy goggles?! It's the only way to take pics underwater, otherwise you can't see anything and it hurts your eyes.

Here is a video we took with our camera underwater. Its nothing great but it's really fun to be able to take videos in the water so I thought I'd show it off!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Updates soon

I really need to post some new stuff. Check back in a day or two and I'll have the blog fully updated. First I have to unpack from camping, run errands and clean . . .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

100 things (13-15)

Okay, I'm really slow at this but I'll get to 100 eventually!

13. I have found a new addiction, Sprinkles Cupcakes. I might like these scrumpscious creations better than (gasp!) cheesecake. They are delectably delicious! It's a good thing Sprinkles is in Beverly Hills because I won't be going there too much, otherwise it could be dangerous to my wallet and waistline!

14. I have seen quite a few famous people over the years. Some have been more exciting than others, but I've never approached them because I don't think its the right thing to do. Ryan was with me most of the time, if not all. Here is a list of who and where I've seen them:

-Whoopi Goldberg in San Francisco with Ryan a long time ago, we were in high school or it was right after high school

-Alyssa Milano in Urban Outfitters in Santa Barbara, probably about 7 years ago

-Kanye West at the Las Vegas airport about 3 years ago. Ryan and I were literally 4 feet away from him.

-This chick isn't really famous but she was on a traveling show called "5 Takes" and it was "5 Takes Latin America" which aired last summer on the travel channel. Her name is Ericka and she was one of the travelers. I saw her on a flight from Vegas to LA one of the times I visited Ryan.

-If you're not Mormon you won't know who this guy is, but I saw a guy in Rexburg named Kerby Hayburn who stars in tons of made for DVD movies. They're not movies about religion, but are usually family friendly and cheesy movies. I've seen a few and I'm really not a fan. He had a huge swarm of girls around him, it was ridiculous. Ryan wasn't with me.

-Ryan saw a comedian, Paul Scheer, who's often on VH1 shows like Best Week Ever. He saw him at Circuit City in LA.

-Another time I was visiting Ryan we were in Best Buy, I think in Van Nuys, and we saw Neil Patrick Harris. I was more excited about that because How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows, and we walked right past him down one of the isles. He was buying Guitar Hero.

-The last "sighting" occured just this last weekend when we went to the beach in Santa Monica. We saw Dustin Diamond, you know him as Screech from Saved by the Bell. He was sitting about 30 feet behind everyone else who were gathered closer to the water. It was totally him. Ryan was going to approach him but decided not too.

I think that's it. I'm sure it will occur more now that I'm living in Southern California.

15. I recently just quit drinking all forms of soda and eating anything that has any kind of fake sugar in it. I'm slowly transforming into a much healthy, more organic and natural eater, and I figured that was a good start.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100 Things (11-12)

11. I'm not a team sports player. It's not a thing that's every interested me. However, I love to wake board, snow board and go dirt bike riding. I think this summer I might pick up boogie boarding (even though I'll be miserable at it!)

12. I'm a drummer wannabee. I've always wanted to learn how to play the drums but Ryan got me the next best (and much cheaper) alternative, Rock Band! He actually got it while we were living apart, but said it was for me so I could drum! I've moved on to medium difficulty for drumming on most songs, and it's a blast. I could easily get very addicted so it's a good thing I have lots of other things to keep me busy!

That's all for today, I'm a little slow in the thinking department this morning!

Good Stuff

I forgot to mention a few exciting things that are (or could) be happening so keep your fingers crossed for us! (and sorry to disappoint but it's not what some of you are probably thinking)

First, Ryan asked me about 2 weeks ago how I felt about Guam because his company is possibly bidding on a government contracted job in there. His company wanted to get a feel for who would be willing to go to see if they could adequately staff the job. He asked me if he should let his boss know that he was interested and willing to go work there and I didn't hesitate to say yes!!! He said that if they bid the job and get it we probably wouldn't find out for about a year and then the work would commence in probably a year and a half. Ryan has to get an FBI background check which can take anywhere from 4-8 months so it's going to be at least a year until we even hear anything. According to Ryan our chances of even going are very slim, but if his company gets the bid then I'm sure that ups our chances a ton! We're perfect candidates because we don't have a mortgage or any kids so it would be easy for us to go live there for 1-2 years! So keep your fingers crossed for us and I'll definitely keep everyone updated on this one. I am elated that we even have a small chance of living in a tropical paradise for a few years!

I think I could get used to calling tropical paradise home!

Next, I am finally making some headway on getting a job! I submitted my application to the California charter schools and they've accepted it and added it to their application pool! Apparently only half of the applicants make it to that point so hopefully I'll be able to do some interviews soon and possibly have a teaching job for this school year! You'll definitely hear from me on any news regarding this. I did get a tutoring job and it's private in home tutoring. Basically I get a phone call from the agency and then go to the student's home as arranged by me and the parents. I just got that last week so nothing yet but it's a start!

Recent Happenings

Here are a few things that have been going on with us lately:

Two weekends ago we went to Fremont for a quick trip. Ryan participated in a golf tournament and I got to see my best friend and some family for a day and a half. It was a very fast trip. My cousin Desiree drove back with us and has been here for a little over a week. It's been so fun to have someone here to hang out with! We've mostly been hanging out by the pool and it's been lovely!

Last week we finally got new carpet. For those of you who are unaware, the carpet in our condo was only a year old but reeked of dog pee. We tried everything and could not get it out, it was soiled beyond help. So, after all the unpacking and hard work, we had to move everything out of the living room area and into the spare bedroom. Then Desi and I stayed up late and scrubbed the concrete floor with bleach water because once Ryan tore out the carpet the smell still lingered. Well, now the new carpet is in and it doesn't stink anymore! It was so bad that I would walk in and out the door and it made me want to hurl because it was so concentrated in certain areas, but not anymore.

I'm so lame, I forgot the camera but Desi and I went into LA to see Ryan and got lunch at Pinks. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's this tiny shack that serves up hot dogs that are famous. They've been around since 1939 and their prices are very cheap. They have hot dogs that you can get with all kinds of toppings like bacon, nacho cheese sauce, onion rings, barbeque sauce, chili, etc. We opted for the chili cheese dogs because that's what put them on the map and they were good but not amazing and to die for. The hot dog itself was very good but it's not something I'll be craving.

Pink's Hot Dogs

After having lunch with Ryan we went to the LA Fashin District and it is humongous! There are something like 4500 shops and some of them are geared towards wholesalers and designers because they have custom fabric and things like that. Others are shops with designer clothes for the public at discounts. You can also get knockoff designer items like in Mexico and there is a huge flower market as well. We got stuck in the same area and kept going in circles and not even realizing it, so we were in the area where you can get knockoff items and it was exactly like being in Mexico except they weren't willing to bargain as much! We picked up some snazzy purses, I'll have to take pics because I got a Coach for only $30! I call it my Foach and it's good enough for me! After that we were going to go to Hollywood Blvd but we were too tired and traffic was picking up so we just went back home.

Santee Alley, LA Fashion District

We did some fun stuff this weekend so once I get the Mac up and running again (had to disconnect and move it to allow for the carpet installation) I'll post some pics. We even have some underwater pics from the pool so you're not going to want to miss it!